Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Head Coach Keith Hac-07/19/2015

After a bit of a midseason break, the Chicago Bliss machine is back at it.  We attended a practice last Sunday to get the latest word from Head Coach Keith Hac.
Aside from his ridiculously successful record, this interview is a classic slice of why I love Hac.  We start by discussing his promo for the White Sox.  We progress into his picks for fun in Chicago.  Finally, Hac gives me his candid thoughts on the White Sox.
After that fun, we got into some football fun and Hac was brutally honest as always, even in a surprise assessment of the LFL championship game.  He always speaks his mind and he is always a fun interview.
Hac is a winner and he builds winners.  I have liked and respected him from our first phone conversation years ago.  Hac always speaks his mind.  In fact, as I have mentioned many times, he put me on the LFL map by guaranteeing a win against Green Bay in 2013.  Honestly, I kind of put Hac in the headlines by printing that story.  Hey, it worked for both of us.
Hac and the Bliss are the elite of the LFL and it isn't by happenstance.  No other coach or team has taken as much criticism as Hac and the Bliss, but nobody else has been nearly as successful.  The Bliss should be the faces of the LFL.  With a threepeat looming, that like it or not!
The next home game is Saturday, August 15 at Toyota Park.  That is a championship doubleheader, as the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference champship games will both be played.  That's a lot of football greatness.  I'm undecided now who will come out of the West, but you can count on the Bliss taking the Eastern Conference.

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