Friday, July 17, 2015

On the Beat with Tatum Edwards of the Chicago Bandits 2015

Today, the Johngy's Beat and Justin's World of Softball joint coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bandits features pitcher Tatum Edwards.  If Tatum looks familiar, it's because her twin sister Taylor is a catcher for the Bandits.
After a successful career at Nebraska, where she played alongside Taylor, she joined the PA Rebellion, again with Taylor.  Tatum went 1-3 and one save with a 5.13 ERA in 30 innings.
After the 2014 season, the Edwards sisters joined the Bandits.  Tatum has already surpassed her 2014 numbers.  She is 3-2 with a 4.63 ERA in 22.2 innings.
In the interview below, I believe I refer to Tatum as a rookie.  I should have referred to her as first year Bandit, because I knew she had played for the Rebellion last season.  I apologize to Tatum for that error.
Other than that miscue on my part, it was a fun interview.  We talked about Tatum being teammates with Taylor.  She also discussed pitching often at Nebraska and not quite as much in the NPF, but more this season with the Bandits.  We did have a little fun, too, when I brought up her handstands.
After you watch the video, head to for more info and updates.  Then, be sure to check out the Bandits in person, on television or on YouTube.  Not only are these young women a fun bunch, they are very good!

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