Sunday, September 20, 2015

Celebrity Jersey Cards #239 Velvet Sky & Hayden Panettiere

Pro athletes have trading cards.  I think celebrities need trading cards, too.  This week, I continue my theme of featuring the opponent of the Bears.

I promised more Velvet Sky and I am delivering more Velvet Sky.  This time, Velvet is repping the Arizona Cardinals on her Celebrity Jersey Card.  The Velvety One is wearing Larry Fitzgerald's #11, but I am listing her at Quarterback.  All I know is that if Velvet made a pass at me, I wouldn't drop the ball.
Hayden Panettiere was last seen wearing a San Francisco 49ers jersey.  On this Celebrity Jersey Card, HP is seen sporting the Cardinals jersey.  My sources tell me she is a Cardinals fan, but my sources last year said she was a Niners fan.  Who knows?  Still, this card has that old school feel to it.

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