Friday, September 18, 2015

(Jessicka) Havok at Resistance Pro

At the last Resistance Pro event, I had the pleasure of driving Jessicka Havok to the venue.  I was a last minute sub for the regular driver.  It was the most fun I have ever had driving to an event.  Havok is a real treasure.
Figuring she was tired from her flight and not knowing her anyway, I decided to let her steer the conversation (or to choose quiet, if she desired).  She started talking and and the rest of the drive was filled with her wrestling stories, thoughts on wrestling and other fun non-wrestling topics.  There really wasn't any dead time.
At the show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Havok and then even more fun watching her and Crazy Mary Dobson put on the Match of the Night, as the women of RPro usually do.  In the interview, Havok discusses why she is at RPro and why she wants to be a part of RPro ona regular basis.
I would love to see Havok at RPro regularly.  Her passion is palpable and her abilities are evident.  She is the real deal and she belongs at RPro.  I am just imagining the great matches she would have.
Havok would continue the long line of great women wrestlers to come through RPro.  There is no doubt that she would eventually win the Women's title.  She is that good.
Kudos to RPro for continuing to raise the bar on women's wrestling.  The women's division at RPro is not full of divas.  It is full of beautiful, athletic, talented women, who usually deliver "Match of the Night" candidates regularly.
If you haven't been to an RPro show, get to one.  As a matter of fact, "Rolling Thunder" is Saturday, September 19 and it will feature a women's tournament in which Crazy Mary has put up her women's title.
Jessicka Havok and me in Willowbrook, IL-August 2015.

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