Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Working With Mike Toomey

I ran into Mike Toomey at a Hollywood Celebrities Show.  Mike was filming stuff for WGN and I was doing my usual bit for Johngy's Beat.  As my old friend Chuck says, "Just a couple of professionals."
The truth is Mike is what Johngy's Beat would love to be.  He's been successfully doing his stuff since the early 1980's.  Whether comedy, announcing, news work, interviews or anything else, Mike has been entertaining fans for a long time.
Johngy's Beat has only been around since 2008, but I like to think I have been entertaining family and friends since birth, although they might disagree.  Either way, Johngy's Beat is relatively new compared to an entertainment vet like Mike.
I first met Mike through his connection with PsychoBabbleTV.  It is a small world.  At the Hollywood Celebrities Show, we reconnected, but he did not bring me on board for his WGN work.  Of course, I did not expect him to invite me into his WGN interviews (but I would have loved to have been part of any of it).
In reality, he cool part was that although Chuck jokes about it, Mike and I were actually two professionals doing our job.  I might not be on Mike's level, but yet I was still in the game doing my thing.  It was a good moment for me.
Mike Toomey and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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