Thursday, October 1, 2015

Barry Bostwick Loves Johngy's Beat

At the Wizard World Chicago 2015 Press Reception, I had the pleasure of interviewing Barry Bostwick.  I even fluffed my hair with Bostwick.  That interview, including our hair fluffing, can be found at On the Beat with Barry Bostwick at Wizard World.
I had interacted with Bostwick previously at Days of the Dead.  While mingling before this interview, Bostwick brought up our time at Days.  I am always amazed when celebrities remember me like that.  Bostwick meets thousands of fans at these conventions.  He meets hundreds of press and public relations people.  I would think the experiences are a blur.  Yet, there we were and there he was remembering me.  It just strikes me as funny.
After our interview, Bostwick did a promo for Johngy's Beat.  That promo is below and also has taken its rightful place in the promo column on the left.

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