Friday, October 30, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest with WWE Diva Eva Marie

Natalie Marie Coyle is better known to wrestling fans as Eva Marie.  She was already a model and an actress, when she signed with the WWE in 2013, thereby also becoming a wrestler (or a diva).
Eva has appeared on 90210, CSI: New York and Entourage, among other shows.  She has also been featured in many magazines, such as Maxim and Muscle and Fitness.  She is also appearing on Total Divas, the reality based tv show featuring WWE divas.
Her striking red hair has lead to her fans being called "The Red Nation."  With all of this on her side, she is certainly a very marketable star.
I have been critical of the WWE divas in the past, but mainly for the way they are used by the WWE.  I don't blame the women.  They are gaining exposure and getting paid fairly well.
Eva Marie has not accomplished a whole lot yet in the ring.  As she is already 30, I don't think her actual wrestling future is very bright.
Actually, she might be better off with less of a wrestling career.  That would allow her to do more outside of wrestling.  She can take her time in the WWE to gain more exposure and then use it to get roles elsewhere.
When I met Eva Marie at Wizard World Fan Fest, she was really sweet.  Many times, during the photo ops with women like Eva Marie, there is a strict "no contact" rule and I understand that.  A few knuckleheads cause these such restrictions.  She had no such rule (although security is there to make sure nobody gets out of line, even the press).
It was a very pleasant experience for everyone there.  Eva Marie gave her fans their special moments.
Eva Marie and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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