Monday, November 16, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Reggie Jackson and David Herro

This is a regular series about friends who have met celebrities.

When I was growing up, Reggie Jackson was one of the biggest superstar athletes.  Love him or hate him, you could not deny his ability to shine, especially on the big stage.  Mr. October was a name well-earned by Jackson.
If Jackson is Mr. October, David Herro can be Mr. December.  Like Jackson, Herro shines on the big stage.  His big stage is Blizzard Brawl, a big event held every year in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Blizzard Brawl 11 is happening on December 5, at the Waukesha County Expo.This year, the headliner is Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World.  There will also be several other wrestling stars, including Tommy Dreamer, The Boogeyman,  Curt Hawkins, Scotty 2 Hotty, Zach Gowen, Kevin Thorn, The Headbangers and more!
Additionally, Herro will be facing TNA wrestling star Abyss in the ring.  Who knows what will happen in this match?!
This is a great event.  Herro and his crew put on a fantastic show.  I'll be there and I hope to see all of you.  For more info and updates, head to the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling site.
Reggie Jackson and David Herro in Louisville, KY-August 2015.

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