Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company

I first met writer/director/producer Bobby Easley at Days of the Dead Culture Shock earlier this year in Indianapolis.  He was promoting Belly Timber, All Sinners Night and The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company.  He talked about all three in my interview, which can be found at On the Beat with Bobby Easley.
At the most recent Days of the Dead in Chicago, I had the pleasure of viewing a screening of The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company.  I was blown away, but first I present a little info.
The official description for the movie is "A company of Marines deep behind enemy lines on a top secret mission are out manned and out gunned as they fight their way to hell and back leaving a path of death and destruction in their wake."  It stars Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley and John Dugan, all who joined Easley for the special screening.
The movie was made using those little green army men and other props, with the actors providing the voices of the characters.  When I first learned that, I had no idea what to expect, but I quickly was captivated upon seeing the movie.
Besides the movie progressing and delivering a great story, like any movie should, I was blown away thinking of the effort and originality it took to use the army men.  Additionally, the figures were used in a way that seemed natural  In a way, you almost forget that you are watching army men.
It is such an original idea, especially for such a topic as a war.  The movie never looked hokey or disjointed.  It is hard to convey how such a movie could be executed perfectly.  You can get a better idea by checking out the trailer at Devil Dogs of Kilo Company Teaser Trailer.
I walked out of the screening with two levels of being impressed and entertained.  The movie as a stand alone was incredible.  The utilization of the army men was incredible.  Combining both made for one of  the most unique movies I have ever seen.
Bobby is a great guy, too.  His passion is evident as you talk to him, but he never lets it overwhelm you.  At Culture Shock, after the interview, he wanted to have a little fun with the picture.  The result is below.
Not many people in his place would suggest such a fun thing.  Many people take their stuff so seriously that they leave no room for other fun.  Once again, Bobby was different and left me with an entertaining memory.
My Bobby Easley Experience started in March and continued through November at the Days of the Dead events.  I am hoping it continues at future conventions this year.  Bobby is easily one of the coolest, most original, talented creators out there.  I appreciate him letting me in on the ground level of these projects and I hope to continue to cover him and his projects as they develop.
For more info, please check out  Hopefully, I will also have more updates here in the future.
Bobby Easley and me in Indianapolis, IN-March 2015.

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