Friday, December 4, 2015

Brianna Crozier at Wizard World Fan Fest 2015

Continuing our recurring coverage of Wizard World Fan Fest, we are highlighting artist Brianna Crozier.  Brianna is perhaps better known as Bri Pi (pronounced Bree Pie).
Bri Pi is a talented seventeen year old artist.  Four years ago, her interest in art became her career path.  I was already impressed.  A thirteen year old with the talent and vision to define her career deserves applause.
According to her website, her "art is heavily influenced by the things I love, from Japanese art to comics to video games," but you can probably tell that by looking at her creations.  My favorites of her creations are some of her lighter, more whimsical works.  They intrigue me, almost inviting me into the picture.  They seem simple, yet sophisticated.
She has original creations, commissions and other cool works.  I also saw a really cool "Batgirl" that Bri Pi did.
I remind you that Bri Pi is still a teenager.  While her work is already beautiful and beyond, I look forward to watching how her style and creations develop.  I look forward to seeing her at future conventions and following her progress.
You can go to and the BriPi Facebook page for more info, updates and samples of her work.  You can also go to the Bri Pi online store.
Brianna Crozier and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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