Thursday, December 17, 2015

Flashing Back To Meg Foster

I have written about Roddy Piper many times.  Roddy's first big acting role was in John Carpenters They Live.  One of Roddy's co-stars was Meg Foster.
We had the pleasure of meeting Meg at Flashback weekend a couple years ago.  She was an awesome guest.  She seemed genuinely happy to be meeting her fans and she had a lot of fans happy to meet her.
She gladly talked about They Live and working with Roddy.  They Live came out 27 years ago and Meg has done a lot of other work after it.  It's not that unusual to be asked about an iconic role, a great movie or a big-name co-star, but (with all due respect to all concerned), her character, They Live and Roddy Piper don't really fit any of those descriptions.
They Live has become a cult classic and Roddy Piper is famous for his wrestling career.  At events like Flashback Weekend, that means a lot of interest and a lot of questions for anyone involved, like Meg.
She talked fondly of Roddy and never showed any signs of tiring of answering Roddy questions (which accounted for about 90% of the They Live questions).  Of course, fans also asked about her other work, going way back to her early parts on tv's Bonanza and Mod Squad.  They even asked about working with Burt Reynolds on Dan August.
There really are fans for every show or role at these cons.  I'm usually the guy asking about her role in Baretta, but at this Flashback Weekend, I have to admit, I was guilty of focusing on They Live.
Matt Parker, Meg Foster and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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