Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turns 84 today.  Didn't 84 used to seem so old?  Life flies by so quickly.
My dad has struggled since my mom died.  I guess that is natural after you've been with someone for 50+ years.
At times he drives me crazy.  I need more patience.  Funny, he probably said that about me 40 years ago (and maybe he still says that about me).  Sometimes I think he doesn't try enough to "live" now.  That's why it is great to see him at the times when he is really enjoying the moment.
Such was the case at Matt's wedding.  My dad really enjoyed himself and others at his grandson's wedding.  I'm sure there were moments when he wished my mom was there seeing it, too, but he did not let that sadness overtake him.  He really ha a good time (which also helped the rest of us have a good time).
In a few weeks, we will all be together again in Florida.  While the flight and logistics will create some headaches, he will have a good time there like always.  Life is short.  Soak in all the happy moments you can get.
I hope my dad has a happy birthday today.  Happy birthday dad, even when you drive me crazy, I love you.
My dad and our family in Lemont, IL-October 2015.


Jean Parker said...

Great tribute!
Can't wait for more memories in Florida!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday dad.