Friday, January 1, 2016

Jenevieve Broomall at Motor City Comic Con 2015

At conventions, sometimes the booth attracts my attention and sometimes the person grabs my attention.  At Motor City Comic Con, both happened with Jenevieve Broomall and her booth of art.
Jen was animated and lively at her booth.  If I wasn't already captured by her artwork, Jen would have been interesting enough to get me to stop.
Her creations jumped from her booth.  She seemed to have a bit of everything.  Some were vibrantly colored, while others were black and white.  Some were deeply detailed, while others were simple.  One common element was that it was all beautiful.
I talked to her briefly, but did my research when I got home.  Among her works, Jen is a cover illustrator.  She is known for her work with women on the covers, but she is not limited to just females.
She has done a lot of superhero stuff, too.  Unfortunately, I did not see any Aquaman art, but I saw a really cool Batgirl poster.  Batgirl is too often under-appreciated much like Aquaman.
She also has done a lot of non-superhero creations.  One of my favorites is called Pizzazz Colors, featuring the Jem character with the wild mane of green hair  I admit I am not familiar with the Jem Universe, but I loved how this piece looked.
I also have to mention her "Family Portrait" print.  It is simple, yet deep.  I love it.
Of late, for Halloween, I like the Pumpkin and the Ghost the best, but all of the daily creations were interesting and different.  I like all of them.
For more info, updates and images from her, check out the Jen Broomall Deviat Art site and the Art of Jenevieve Broomall Facebook page.  Both places have a ton of thumbnails of her work.
Jenevieve Broomall and me in Novi, MI-May 2015.

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