Friday, January 22, 2016

Kristi Ray at Days of the Dead

I always say that one of the coolest aspects of conventions is stumbling on a new talent (or at least one who is new to me).  Stumbling upon Kristi Ray at Days of the Dead ranks up there as one of my favorite discoveries.
Kristi was promoting Pieces of Talent, a psychological thriller.  As I meandered through the aisles at Days, I was drawn in by the trailer for Pieces of Talent which was playing at her booth.  It seemed intense and fascinating.  The fact that the effervescent and beautiful Kristi was talking about the movie certainly also raised my interest level.  You can watch a short trailer for Pieces of Talent.
It's not unusual to have an attractive young actress promoting a film (whether she is in it or not).  Kristi is not just another pretty face though.  She was articulate, friendly and very engaging.
I have come across hundreds of such movies at these cons.  Very rarely do I actually have enough interest to buy the movie on the spot.  I bought Pieces of Talent (and not because Kristi was selling it)..  I bought the movie because the trailer intrigued me and Kristi put it over the top when discussing it with me.  You can listen to Kristi talk about it at On the Beat with Kristi Ray.
I hope to catch Kristi again at a con in 2016.  Either way, I'll be following her career on the big screen and through  If you get a chance, check out her site and be sure to check out Pieces of Talent.
Kristi Ray and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2015.

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