Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Victor Dandridge at Wizard World Chicago 2015

At Wizard World Chicago 2015, we reconnected with Victor Dandridge, one of our artist friends.  Johngy's Beat Contributor Extraordinaire Matt "Big Money" Parker's interview with him can be found at On the Beat with Victor Dandridge at Wizard Wold 2013.
Dandridge has an interesting story.  Obviously he is a talented artist, but he thought he didn't want to compete with everyone else drawing the same things.  He wanted to be a little bit different.  How about 8 bit different?
Dandridge draws things in 8 bit form.  In the age of high technology and computer enhanced everything, Dandridge rolled back the clock and went old school with his 8 bit creations.
His work isn't only very creative, in some ways his process is probably harder than the average creation.  Others draw what they see, in their own ways.  Dandridge has to envision things in 8 bit form and then create artwork.
He is also a very energetic, positive, outgoing guy.  He's one of my convention favorites and I drop by his booth every time.
Seeing his work at cons is cool, but you can also see him on the web.  You can learn more about Dandridge on the Vantage: Inhouse Productions website.  
Victor Dandridge and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2015.

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