Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Diamond Dallas Page at Wizard World

Diamond Dallas Page was a bit on the older side when he got into professional wrestling.  That did not stop him from climbing to the very top of the profession.  He was a multi-time Heavyweight champ and one of the bigger names during his peak years.
Now retired, Page is spending his time promoting DDP Yoga.  He isn't just a celebrity spokesperson.  This isn't just a celebrity workout tape.  This is the real deal.
At comic cons, I have seen page lift his leg straight up to where it is almost parallel to his upper torso.  I have seen him increase his heart rate with simple movements.  I have also seen him keep his heart rate at a normal pace while doing rigorous movements.  In short, I have seen him do things a man half his age would find troublesome.
Wrestling Hall of Famer Jake Roberts credits Page with saving his life.  Page took in Roberts and got him on the straight path,while using DDP Yoga.  Page has also worked with the troubled Scott Hall.
It's great to see Page succeed, but it is even better to see him helping others and it isn't just famous wrestlers.  A quick YouTube search will reveal other regular people Page has helped with DDP Yoga.
During his wrestling career, Page accomplished great things.  After his wrestling career, Page is accomplishing even better things!
Dallas Page and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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