Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jason R. Davis at Dark History Con

The first line on the Jason R. Davis website says it all.  "Jason R. Davis has been a writer, director, festival organizer and overall creative mad man."  That says it all and Jason has done it all, at least within the horror universe.
My initial interest in Jason derived from his character creation of ex-Chicago cop Rob Alletto, who he has worked into a series of horror novels.  The first book, Inside the Mirrors, intrigued me and I totally enjoyed it.  The Chicago connection is a nice plus, but the story itself is a winner.
I got to meet Jason at Dark History Con last year.  It was a great place to discuss his projects (past and present).  Jason seems to be the kind of person who always has something in the works, while he is being pulled into three or four other projects.
To learn more about Jason, check out JasonRDavis.net.  You'll get info, updates and a lot more.  If you like zombies or horror, be sure to check out his site.
Jason R. Davis and me in Champaign, IL-September 2015.

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