Thursday, April 21, 2016

Crazy Mary Dobson Loves Johngy's Beat

Crazy Mary Dobson is currently the Resistance Pro Women's champ.  I'm betting she will not be at RPro longterm though, because she is destined for big things.  In wrestling, that means the WWE.
CMD is young, attractive and and full of talent.  She can put on a great technical match and she can put on a brutal brawl.  Plus, she can switch up in midmatch.  She has worked very hard at her craft and it shows.  The fans love her, too.
I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years at RPro.  I've seen her develop and hone her skills continually.  It will be a sad day when she leaves RPro, but it will be a big day for her and wrestling fans worldwide.
Before she has the chance to leave, I took the opportunity to ask the Crazy One to do a Johngy's promo.  She obliged (because she is super sweet, too).  That promo appears below and also takes a spot in the promo column to the left.

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