Thursday, May 12, 2016

Terence Muncy at Days of the Dead Chicago 2015

Terence Muncy is the creative genius behind Bikini Monsters.  The 2010 film focuses on a Florida man's attempt to create a mermaid, his ultimate expression of beauty.  Of course, there are several failed attempts (aka mutilated subjects).  A local female detective works feverishly to uncover the truth and puts herself in the hot seat to get the whole story.
This is the perfect horror movie.  It's a simple premise, delivered in a horrific way.  It is a great movie for a cold Saturday afternoon of horror movie-watching!
Muncy's talents go far beyond just that though.  He is a writer, director, producer and also an artist.  He has created Twiztid t-shirts that you can find at
He is a fixture at horror comic cons and one of the most popular guests there.  His most recent project is Belly Timber, a Horror Wasteland Pictures International film, which also involves Bobby Easley, another of our friends.
In short, Muncy has a lot going on.  Catch him at a comic con near you.  
Terence Muncy and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2015.

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