Saturday, June 25, 2016

Congratulations and Thank You to Aaron Moore of the Chicago Bandits

I am enjoying my third season covering the Chicago Bandits.  I freely admit, my journey started with me looking for something new to cover.  I did not expect to enjoy it this much and to love the organization like I do.
General Manager Aaron Moore was one of the first people I met within the organization.  He welcomed us and he thanked us for spreading the word on the Bandits.  I promised I would do my best to provide coverage and to promote the team.
Since I write for myself, I don't have to be fair and impartial.  I can openly admit I cheer for the Bandits!
Aaron has continually mad me feel at home at Bandits games and events.  Like the rest of the organization, Aaron is a class act and a true professional.
I contiunally hear from fans and staffers how the Bandits draft and acquire quality people and I agree completely.  These young ladies are elite athletes and great role models.  At any game, you can see hundreds of young fans line up to meet the players and get autographs and pictures and the players always give their all, especially to the youngsters!
Owner Bill Sokolis, Manager Mike Steuerwald, Coach Roman Foore and Aaron are all part of that drafting process.  Aaron also juggles hundreds of other duties.
I have added a bit to my Bandits workload this season.  I am also the distributor of their pocket schedules.  My company Arch News Agency has been busy putting schedules all over the Chicago area.
I enjoy helping teh Bandits.  I am very happy and proud to be a part of the organization.  The Chicago Bandits are topnotch and deserve more praise and more expsure.  I plan on continuing to help in any way I can.  I hope to see you all at games.  For more info, check out
Aaron Moore and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2016.

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