Thursday, July 7, 2016

Colt Cabana at Heroes and Legends of Pro Wrestling VI

Colt Cabana is an interesting guy.  He's a wrestler, who has gained more success out of the ring, but because of the ring.  He's wrestled everywhere and is popular everywhere, but he has not had a long run with the WWE.  Is that his choice or theirs?  I don't know and it really doesn't matter.
Colt has a very successful podcast.  He has made several comic con appearances and is always one of the most popular guests there, too.
Even with those appearances and his podcasts and whatever else he might have going, you should not miss a chance to watch him in the ring.  In fact, you should catch him in the Resistance Pro ring this Saturday, as he faces Suge D in a long-awaited rematch.
Suge D and Colt put on one great match at RPro last year.  It had everything including humor, scientific wrestling, some brawling and other stuff crammed into the match.  This was a "Match of the Year" candidate and the fans immediately wanted to see the rematch.
The fans, including me, will be happy to see those two lock up in the ring this Saturday at Sabotage in Summit, IL.  This is one time when I know the hype and anticipation will be surpassed by the match itself.  Check out for more info.
Colt Cabana, Jason Fleigel and me in Fort Wayne, IN-March 2016.

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