Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Chica On the Beat (and Me, Too)

It's hard to believe that I actually have a promo 8x10.  Actually, I have three, but I think this one is my favorte.
I have been covering Resistance Pro wrestling from their debut several years ago.  I have been joined in the interviews by many fine folks, but none on a regular basis, until recently.
At an RPro meeting last year, someone suggested having wrestler Paloma Starr join me as the "Chica on the Beat," as a way of giving her more exposure when she wasn't wrestling.  I loved the idea and we proposed it to her.  Fortunately, she accepted the additional role.
I had no idea how Paloma would actually do with the interviews, but I'm not exactly Barbara Walters doing a special.  I figured Paloma would be fine...and she was fine.  In fact, she is quite good.  She improves and seems more comfortable each show.
Paloma continues to be one of the most popular wrestlers at RPro.  Her Beat duties do not preclude her from stepping in the ring either.  She is quite capable of pulling double duty.
While I love this promo photo, I know Paloma has her own solo pictures available for sale.  I might be the only person who gets her to sign the "Beat" promo photo below.  Whether it will be a one of a kind or not, it will always mean a lot to me.  Thanks RPro and thanks Paloma.
Paloma Starr and me in Summit, IL-January 2016.


Fuji said...

Where does Paloma sell her signed photos?

Johngy said...

I know she sells them at shows, but I am sure if you contact her on FB (or twitter), I'm sure you can buy one direct from her. She is totally sweet. Mention my name (it won't get you anything, but a bit of recognition. LOL)