Saturday, September 17, 2016

Celebrity Jersey Cards #291 Tammy Williams & Amber Patton

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I attempt to combine my lifelong obsession with trading cards and my semi-professional interest in celebrities.  Today, we continue to work alphabetically through all of the MLB teams.

Retired Chicago Bandits Legend Tammy Williams gets two Celebrity Jersey Cards.  This is one of the rare times I could not decide which picture I liked better.  On one hand, the top one features the 2015 Cowles Cup (The NPF Championship trophy), while the bottom one is just a cool almost artistic shot.  Tammy followed her great Northwestern years with a Hall of Fame career with the Bandits.  She is much beloved and much missed, but we appreciate all of her contributions on and off the field.
Tammy's Northwestern and Bandits teammate Amber Patton also had a great collegiate career followed by an equally great pro career with the Bandits.  Like Tammy, Amber retired after last season.  It was fitting that Amber went out on top, although we all miss her on the field.  Amber's Celebrity Jersey Card comes from a screen cap of her ceremonial pitch.  I woulld have liked a better (clearer) picture, but I really wanted to get this one done to run with Tammy's cards.  It just seemed natural.

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