Friday, September 30, 2016

Monique Dupree at Comic Cons, Wrestling Shows and More

I first met Monique Dupree at The Motor City Comic Con years ago.  Dupree earned her place at such cons be appearing in horror movies, but she has also done singing, modeling and more in the world of entertainment.
I actually recognized Dupree at a wrestling booth at a comi con years later.  (This is odd, because I never recognize anyone, even when I know they are scheduled to be there.)  Dupree was helping work the booth with thee wrestling talent.  She fit in well there, too, because she has appeared on some wrestling shows,
I bypassed the wrestlers, because I had previously met them and I talked to Dupree.  She was a bit surprised, but she was as pleasant as can be.  I have since met Dupree several times, including the last Blizzard Brawl in December of 2015 and i am sure I will see her again.  Between her movies, wrestling and all else, she will pop up somewhere.
Monique Dupree and me in December 2015.

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