Thursday, October 27, 2016

Celebrity Jersey Cards #296 Gary Busey & Daniel J. Stern

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a regular series in which I try to combine my love of sports trading cards with my semi-professional interest in celebrities.  Today, we continue our support of the Chicago Cubs as they pursue the dream.

Actor Gary Busey was born in Texas, but his Cubs Celebrity Jersey Card comes by way of his role in "Rookie of the Year."  Busey plaed opposite of Thomas Ian Nicholas, who as 12 year old Henry Rowengartner, helped the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.  Let's hoping this is a good luck charm.
 Acto0r Daniel J. Stern was born in Maryland, but like Busey, his Celebrity Jersey Card comes by way of the "Rookie of the Year" movie.  Stern played picthing coach Phil Brickma, but for whatever reason, he also gave batting tips.  His sideburns would fit in well with the 1976 Cubs card.

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