Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jason Mewes At Wizard World Columbus 2016

Jason Mewes might be best known from his role as Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, in longtime friend Kevin Smith's films.  Of course, during his twenty-plus year career, he has done a lot more work, too.
Mewes has been vocal about the personal problems he has had.  By all accounts, things are looking good for him these days.
He was in great spirits at both Wizard World Columbus and Chicago.  He had a lot of fans excited about seeing him and he did not disappoint.  He glady signed, talked and posed.  He even did some wacky poses and had extra silliness with some people.  He was a great guest and he seemed to enjoy it, too.
Jason Mewes and me in Columbus, OH-August 2016.

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