Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alice Cooper at Days of the Dead Chicago 2016

Days of the Dead continues to set the bar higher and higher by bringing in big name celebrities, who haven't made many appearances.  What better way to celebrate their 21st event then by bringing in Alice Cooper.
Cooper did several photo op and autograph sessions.  He was extremely friendly.  I heard from staffers that he was possibly the most agreeable celebrity guest they have ever had.  I heard nothing but praise about Cooper.
He was charging $40 for autographs or pictures.  In this industry, that is a very low price for a celebrity of his stature.  I know he could have gotten $150 for either.  I heard that his people want him to charge more, but Cooper refuses to raise his price.  How cool and refreshing is that?
I talked a little to Cooper about his time in the Chicago area, including his son being born in Oak Park.  Granted I was "media," but time is always limited during photo op sessions.  Despite time constraints, Cooper chatted with people and made everyone feel special as much as possible.
I have met a ton of celebrities, but few were bigger and cooler than Cooper.  I give him praise and credit for being this way.  I also give kudos to the Days of teh Dead team for bringing in this calibre of celebrity.
Alice Cooper and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2916.

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Jean Parker said...

Who would of ever thought back in the day that he was so popular any one would meet him .... it is shocking he only charges $40. Fun times!!