Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On The Beat With John J. York at REWind Con 2016

John J. York is a native Chicagoan and he returned to the area for REWind Con.  It was a rare appearance by John and I had him as a target for an interview.
John has had a lengthy and sucessful career.  He has appeared on a lof of television shows, including Dynasty, Family TiesWizards of Waverly Place, Castle and dozens of others, but his most well known role is as Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio on General Hospital.
John has been on GH since 1991.  "Mac" is one of the most beloved characters on the show.  That alone earns him a place in the hearts of so many fans.
In the interview, John promoted his upcoming movie Resolution Song.  The plot focuses on a family hit with tragedy, who tries to rebuild and rebound through music.  I look forward to seeing John in that.
You can keep up with him by following John J. York on twitter.  John is pretty active and entertaining on twitter.  Of course, we'll always have important updates here, too.  Hopefully at a future con, we can talk to John a bit more.  I have so many questions I'd love to ask about his interesting career.
Thank you to John for his time.  Thanks to REWind Con for this great opportunity.

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Jean Parker said...

Miss Mac on General Hospital ... Him and Felicia are not on as much as before ... GH fans miss him ...