Friday, January 27, 2017

Global Traveler and Cat Cora

Over the years, I have met a wide variety of celebrities at the Global Traveler annual awards event.  I always have a hard time naming who would be my favorite of all time.  This year's celebrity guest of honor would be right in the discussion for my favorite.
I admit I was pretty darn excited when I heard that Iron Chef Cat Cora would be appearing at the GT gala.  I informed Fran Gallagher that I would definitely be hovering around until I scored a picture with her and Fran assured me he'd take care of it.
Always a man of my word, I started hovering around her general area as soon as I saw Cora enter the party area.  Always a man of his word, Fran introduced me to Cora and snapped a few pictures.
Cora was super nice.  We talked about Iron Chef and her new restaurant in Atlanta.  I pleaded with her to open one in Chicago.  She joked and said she would and I'd be invited to the opening.  (I think she was trying to escape me at this point.)
Seriously though, Cora was an outstanding celebrity guest.  She mingled with everyone and our paths crossed several times.  I assured her I was not trying to smother her.  The other guests loved her as much as I did.
Cat Cora was a winner at GT, just like on Iron Chef.  Score another great one for Fran and GT!
Cat Cora and me in Beverly Hills, CA-December 2015.

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