Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gene Okerlund at C2E2 2016

Meeting Mean Gene Okerlund was like meeting a piece of wrestling history.  The legendary broadcaster has interviewed all of the biggest names in pro wrestling.
Scottie "The WonderBoy" Steiner and I had a lot of fun at C2E2, hanging with Wisconsin promoter David Herro and Okerlund.  Scottie's colorful shirt was the topic of a few of Okerlund's jokes (and rightly so).
Okerlund looks great, too.  My first memories of Mean Gene go back to the early 80's.  Now 35 years later, I can't believe I am conversing with this legend.  (Maybe 35 years from now, I will say the same about Scottie).
In a sport where huge, ciseld bodies rule and the fans are constantly looking for the next best thing, Mean Gene is timeless.  He transcends the product.  Do not miss any chance to meet this legend.
For that matter, do not miss a chance to go to C2E2, where you can meet such legends.  Go to to learn about the upcoming event.
Scott Steiner, Gene Okerlund and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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