Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tony Scarpone at C2E2 2016

Tony Scarpone is the man behind Pro Wrestling Blitz, an independent wrestling company which usually runs shows in Joliet, IL.  Scarpone has been a fixture on the Chicago wrestling scene for many years.  I'd say he is a retired wrestler, too, but do wrestlers really retire?
It's no secret I am a loyal and staunch supporter of Resistance Pro wrestling, but I also believe there is room in the business for more than one company.  Competition is good.  Technically, these two companies compete, but their fan base, location, style and many other factors are different.
In any case, Scarpone and Blitz put on excellent shows.  Their production values might be second to none, at least in this area.  Some of their main wrestlers, like Grin, have pretty big followings and deservedly so.
Scarpone has always been good to me and I respect what he has done with Blitz.  If you happen to be around the Joliet area, you might want to check out a Blitz event.  Head to for more info, including their next event.
Tony Scarpone and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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