Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brian Danhausen at Motor City Comic Con 2016

There aren't many cosplaying creators in Artist Alley at comic cons.  Given the nature of the events, you would think it would be more common.  Brian Danhausen is one of the exceptions to that generality.
Brian is an artist and an author  He is also a Paranormal Investigator and founder of Into The Afterlife Paranormal.
Brian appeared as The Joker at last year's Motor City Comic Con.  He certainly drew a lot of attention.  Beyond the great look though, Brian is a fascinating person. is the site of his non-profit organization of investigators dedicated to the research, education and documentation of paranormal activity.  Their stated goal "is to provide proof of paranormal activity, the existence of spirits and most of help those who need our help."  The investigations are free and confidential.
You can get more info on, Brian's official site.  Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it is still interesting to hear Brian discuss some of his experiences.  I like to think of myself as nuetral on the topic, but I find the topic and the way Brian presents it to be fascinating.
With all of the above, I haven;t even mentioned his artwork.  Brian produces beautiful pieces, including some Star Wars creations.  His work has a different feel to it than most I have seen.
I'm looking forward to seeing Brian again at the Motor City Comic Con in May.  I hope to see a lot of other friends there, too.  If you see Brian, tell him I sent you.
Brian Danhausen and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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