Friday, July 28, 2017

Cara Nicole at C2E2 2016

I sometimes have trouble recognizing people, even when I am looking for them.  It's usually my fault, but with AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole, it isn't all my fault.
She is a cosplaying queen.  She is chameleon-like in that she can look totally different depending on her intent.  I have met her in several of her incarnations and she is always stunning, even if I don't realize right away that it is her.
She has made cosplay an art form.  With books, videos, tv and radio appearances and more, she has become a world-wide cosplay sensation.  She has done it all in the world of cosplay.
Her talent doesn't end with her cosplay though.  She is an actress, singer, comic book writer, convention host and more.
I have seen Cara at several conventions.  Her booth features her prints, videos and other merchandise.  The best part is that you also get to meet Cara.
She is very fan-friendly and funny.  You almost forget that she is also beautiful.  She's just fun at her booth and everyone has a good time there.
You can get more info on her at her AZ Powergirl website.  You can also follow her at AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole on Facebook and AZPowergirl on twitter.
Cara Niicole and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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