Monday, July 3, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Kenny McReynolds and George Castle

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

George Castle is a sports writer and columnist.  I met George many years ago while at Lerner Newspapers.  We worked on a couple projects together, but we mostly talked sports, specifically baseball trivia.
George has one of the greatest minds for baseball history.  He can trace players for decades based on a series of trades.  He can recite game specifics from long ago.  He really is amazing.
He has written several books, including Jackie Robinson West, the story of the Chicago Little League team that won the title, but was involved in a big controversy concerning area boundaries.  While promoting Jackie Robinson West, George appeared on WCIU's Sports Edition hosted by Kenny McReynolds, another noted loca sports media person.
McReynolds has had a lengthy career on television and the radio.  The five time Emmy Award winner has battled some health issues, but he remains positive and seems to be doing well.  It's always good to see him on the air.
This is one of the rare Friendly Encounters, where both subjects are celebrities.  I just happen to be friends with one of them.  I give George hassles allthe time, but he is a local sports media fixture.  I have always maintained that he should have his own show (on tv or the radio).  George knows his stuff and is always a fountain of fascinating info.
While George might not find a regular tv or radio gig, at least we can always enjoy his forays into writing either his columns or another book.  Baseball and the Media: How Fans Lose in Today's Coverage of the Game is one of his latest efforts and it is a fantastically, interesting read.  Check out George's books on Amazon.
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Kenny McReynolds and George Castle in Chicago, IL-June 2016.

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