Sunday, July 30, 2017

On the Beat With Susan "Sooz" Lulgjuraj at the National 2017

The National Sports Collectors Convention is the premier event in the sports collectibles industry.  I have attended several as a collector, but this weekend, I attended as a member of the media.  My full account of the weekend is on at On the Beat at the National.
After receiving my press credentials, I learned I could interview Topps Marketing  Communications Manager Susan Lulgjuraj.  It was several hours later when it finally hit me that I would be talking to Sooz.
I have followed Sooz for many years, as she is well-known in the collectors and sports media worlds.  I have tried on a few other occasions to interview (or even meet) Sooz, but scheduling prohibited it until now.  I was now really looking forward to the National more than ever.
My interview was about 5 minutes, but I could have talked to Sooz for a few hours (not that she would have liked that).  She is such an inspiration and role model for collectors and wanna-be writers like myself.
I asked her about her passion for cards, her favorite sets and cards, the current high of the industry, custom cards and more.  I ended by asking her if she would ever be on a card and I was pleasantly surprised when she said she was on one this year.
Of course, she has a card.  She's Sooz!
In the evening Topps meet-and-greet, the Topps executives fielded questions, suggestions, praise and complaints.  Sooz was there capturing it all.  She also garnered quite a round of applause.  Sooz is very popular with collectors.
I really appreciate Sooz for giving me her time and consideration.  The National is crazy busy, but she took time to answer my questions.  It really was fun finally meeting her.
You can get more info about Topps at  You can also follow Sooz on twitter @yanxchick.

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Fuji said...

Great interview. Starting out as a blogger... then getting a job with Topps. She's living the dream and the fact that she has her own autographed card is even cooler. Sooz is awesome!