Tuesday, September 5, 2017

John Kapelos at REWind Con 2016

I was excited to meet John Kapelos at REWind Con.  It was even better getting an interview with him.  My interview with him can be found at On the Beat With John Kapelos.
During the interview, he talked a bit about working with Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason in Nothing in Common.  He also discussed a couple of his current projects.I had a lot of fun with Kapelos before, during and after the interview.  It was one of the best overall interview experiences I have had.
Moments like these are what keeps me interested in doing this.  Kapelos didn't have to talk to me, but he did and he went above and beyond.  I was already a fan, but I became an even bigger one after talking with him.
I haven't seen him do any other conventions, but he'd be perfect.  His resume is lengthy and he has been involved in many great films, including three films of John Hughes.  I was really hoping he would have been at the recent Motor City Comic Con, because they had Anthony Michael Hall and Kelly LeBrock.  It would have been great to reunite him with his Weird Science castmates.
I'm now on the lookout for his future appearances.  Hopefully, he'll pop up somewhere and I'll be there.
John Kapelos and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.

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