Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paul McCartney, Pete Flynn and Johngy

Pete Flynn is a simple man and a class act.  He has worked for the New York Mets for most of their existence.  He has been a part of a lot of history and we stumbled upon him in a bit of great luck.
We were sitting in the Mets dugout during a rain delay.  We had just about given up on more interviews, when an usher mentioned Pete and brought him to us.  That conversation can be found at On the Beat with Pete Flynn.
Pete drove the Beatles to the stage for their first concert in Shea Stadium.  Forty some years later, he drove Paul McCartney to the stage for Billy Joel's "Last Play at Shea" concert to close out that ballpark.
Pictured below is a screencap of McCartney and Pete reconnecting.  Under that is a screencap of my interview with Pete.  Lastly, there is the video of McCartney joining Billy, with a segment featuring Pete reconnecting with McCartney.
 Paul McCartney and Pete Flynn in New York, NY-Summer 2008.
Pete Flynn and me in New York, NY-Summer 2009.

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