Saturday, October 21, 2017

POWW Meets Resistance

The world of independent professional wrestling can be odd at times.  Sometimes it is a brotherhood of strong bonds.  Other times it is filled with high school drama.  Friends are competitors.  Competitors are friends.  Sometimes neither is true.
When I first started covering indy wrestling, I went to a lot of events.  I found a home in Resistance Pro and have stayed there for over five years.  While I have seen a few other shows over the years, RPro has been my main focus.
It's not a knock on the other companies.  Mostly, it is a matter of me loving RPro and not having much time for others.
Once in a while, the worlds collide.  Such was the case a few years back when POWW's Jimmy Blaze, Stonewall and GQ Greeko Suave attended an RPro show.
At first glance, it could like the the start of an invasion angle.  To the skeptic, it might have looked like one company scouting the other.  In fact, the truth was far less interesting, but pretty cool.
The trio just came to see friends in action and to have a relaxing night where they weren't working.  I always love the picture below, because it could have been taken at numerous POWW shows, but it was taken at an RPro show.
In the end, they're all just people.  Rivalries happen, but usually get worked out.  There is room for all to work and make fans happy.
Jimmy Blaze, John Giannis, Stonewall, Scott Beatty and me in Chicago, IL-November 2012.

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Linda said...

lol, resistance pro wrestling is happening now in few days. This will be a really fun for many of us. Thanks for posting about this. Can't wait to see more of it.