Thursday, October 12, 2017

Terry Huddleston at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Terry Huddleston always stands out at Wizard World.  His booth almost seems like it's 3 dimensional, with all of the superhero faces all around.  His colorful shirts only add to the image.
Terry was one of the first artists who became a regular stop of mine at these comic cons.  His Aquaman caught my eye.  A lot of his creations are headshots of superheros, but he doesn't limit his work to just that area.  He has full body renderings, as well as characters from virtually any universe.
His Last Dragon Lego Commission featured 2 Lego characters.  I have never seen Lego creations before his.  This was especially cool.
I always think he should do wrestlers, because they would work well within his style.  Of course, there might be some image rights issues.  Actually, Terry's style could work well for a lot of concepts (like movie characters).  If you don't see a character you want, Terry does commissions at a great price.
Check out Terry;s work and keep up with all of his news by following Terry Huddleston Art on Facebook.  You can also see images of a lot of his work on the Terry Huddleston Deviant Art Page.  Of course, you can also see him at a lot of comic cons.
Terry Huddleston and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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