Saturday, November 18, 2017

Charles C. Moisant at Dark History Con

Charles Moisant might look like an older rocker.  Maybe a David Crosby?  Actually he is an artist, writer and publisher.
I first met Charles at the Dark Horror and History Convention, although I remember crossing paths with him at other such conventions.  He is a unique character, earning the nickname of "the craziest man in comics."  He's also talented, knowledgeable, dedicated and personable.
Don't let the reputation or wild look fool you, Charles isn't limited to craziness.  He has done educational comics about the history of Oak Park and a series that promotes healthy life choices.  His vision and focus runs the gamut.
One of my favorite projects of his is Roller Derby Drama, where the women of roller derby use super powers to fight evil.  Like Charles, that concept is unique to say the least.
Also unique is his throwback style, reminiscnet of work from the 1950's.  While many are going for the most modern look and feel, Charles once again creates his own path.
Do not pass the chance to talk to Charles at any event.  He's a real treat.  For more info on Charles, check out his Silver Phoenix Entertainment website.  Also, head to the Dark History and Horror Con Facebook page for more info on this cool con.
Charles C. Moisant and me in Champagne, IL-September 2015.

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