Tuesday, November 14, 2017

David Herro and Blizzard Brawl 13

For David Herro, #SuperFriends is much more than a catchy slogan to sell shirts.  It is his motto and way of life.  He is a SuperFriend and he has a lot of other #SuperFriends.
He's been involved in wrestling for a long time.  He hasn't run many actual wrestling shows of late, but he is still very involved with the business.
The good news is that Blizzard Brawl is coming soon.  On December 2 in Waukesha, Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore presents Blizzard Brawl 13.  Dreamer takes on Abyss.  Candice Michelle (in her last match ever) will face Lisa Marie Varon.  Austin Aries battles Joey Mercury.  Al Snow and Swoggle (with Dave Herro) take on The Squad.  Also appearing will be Carlito, MVP and many more.  You can get more info at Blizzard Brawl.
I'm sure Wisconsin and northern Illinois wrestling fans are excited to see GLCW back.  It had been too long.  There is no news if this will mean more regular shows or not, but it is a great start.  Herro and GLCW were missed.
I made the trek from Chicago to GLCW events many times and it is always worth it.  The place is packed and lively.  The wrestling action is always solid.  The headliners are always great with the fans.  In short, it's all you would want in a wrestling show.
Wrestling promoters too often get a bad name, but Herro is a good one.  He works hard to make the shows great and to make the fans happy.  Believe me, I never intended to start attending shows in Wisconsin, but Herro makes the shows well worth the extra effort to get there.
I'm sure that on December 2, the arena will be packed with #SuperFriends.  I am also certain they will enjoy the entire night.  #SuperFriend David Herro would have it no other way.
David Herro and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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