Tuesday, November 7, 2017

On the Beat With Fergie Jenkins at PopCon Milwaukee 2017

I was already on board with covering PopCon Milwaukee, when I found out there was going to be a major announcement from Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins.  Fergie's Personal Assistant (also my longtime friend) Steve Gassman alerted me to the Saturday announcement and I made sure to be there to get the first interview with Fergie after the announcement.
As you will hear in the interview below, Team Fergie is producing a book featuring Fergie's inside stories book about the 1969 Chicago Cubs set for a 2019 release.  Along with Steve, Team Fergie is comprised of Fergie, Publisher (and another longtime friend) John Schenk, Author (and another longtime friend) George Castle and artist John Hanley.  It's an excellent team and I am happy to be associated with these fine folks.
This book is going to be awesome.  John knows what makes an interesting book.  George is very talented and one of the most knowledgeable sports writer I have ever seen.  Fergie is loaded with great memories and funny stories.  Steve's organization and coordination skills will keep everything running smoothly, with proper media updates released.  John H's artist creativity will provide beautiful illustrations.
John and Steve have promised to keep me updated, so I can continue to report on the book's progress.  Of course, with these folks, that probably also means a few new projects and certainly fun and surprises along the way.  Johngy's Beat will continue to provide recurring coverage of Fergie's book.  You can also check Fergie's Facebook page for updates and info.
Thank you to PopCon Milwauke for their hospitality.  This convention will become a regular staple on my yearly calendar.  Thank you, too, to Team Fergie for their time and consideration.  I value your friendships and I appreciate and enjoy you all!

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Kerry Schultz said...

wow congratulations for beign able to pay a visit. it must mean a lot i am sure. thank you for also keeping updated with all of it