Tuesday, November 28, 2017

On the Beat With John Borowski at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2017

When I saw the guest list for Chicago Pop Culture Con, John Borowski's name immediately jumped out.  Aside from being a film maker, author and more, I am proud to consider John a friend and I am always happy to promote his excellent work.
John deals with some heavy subject matter in true crime.  In the interview below, he gives the perfect explanation for his intent in presenting this material.  I recommend you listening to his own words, rather than just reading my recap.
You can tell he is passionate about the subjects, but in a historian sort of way.  He values information over sensationalization.  This is why I really admire and appreciate his work.  Not every creative person could pull this together and present it in the right manner.
In the interview, John also talks about his current project, Dahmer's Confession: The Milwaukee Cannibal's Arrest Statements, as well as other projects in the works.  John digs deep for interviews, arrest records, actual case studies and more.  He is the perfect example of why we should support independent film makers and artists.
After you watch the interview below, check out JohnBorowski.com for more info on John and his projects.  You can find his books on Amazon, too.
Thank you to Tim Zurko and Chicago Pop Culture Con for the hospitality.  I already look forward to covering it again in 2018.

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Thanks John! You rock!