Thursday, November 16, 2017

On the Beat With John Borowski at Flashback Weekend 2017

At Flashback Weekend, I reconnected with filmmaker and author John Borowski.  John started as an interesting interview subject, but I am also proud to call John a friend.
John's focus has been on serial killers, international criminals and other similar subjects.  While some might find the subject matter to be controversial, I urge all to check out John's work.
He doesn't sensationalize the topics.  This isn't about shocking for theatrical effect.  John's work is about studying and learning about the horrors.  This is history and we can learn from it, thanks to John's efforts.
Prior to my first meeting with John, I wondered about how John handled the subjects.  After watching some of his movies and talking to him, I learned that John treats his work very seriously.  Of course, there has to be an entertainment value in any media form, but John never makes that the priority.  His productions are entertaining through the information he gets from first-person accounts, interviews, artifacts and more.
I find John's work to be fascinating.  He presents information you won't find in history books or even websites.  John doesn't give a glossy surface account of anything.  He digs in and gets some incredibly interesting and unique material.
I always appreciate John giving us his time and his updates.  I will continue to follow and report on John and his projects.  You can also learn more about John at

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