Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thomas Calabro at REWind Con 2016

I'm really bummed that REWind Con is apparently a one time show.  It really brought in a great group of interesting guests, many of whom I have never seen do celebrity appearances as such.
One such celebrity was Thomas Calabro, who might be best known for his role on television's Melrose Place.  I have never seen him do any comvention and from the looks of his line at REWind Con, his fans were definitely happy to see him that day. as was I.
Calabro was a great guest, too.  He did the little things.  He connected with each fan.  He moved for better pictures, because the lighting wasn't great.  He posed with other celebrities there.  He thanked the fans for coming out.  In short, he was a class act.
I kept thinking of the old line about his character from tv's Seinfeld, "That Michael is so smug."  Of course his character on Melrose Place was a fictional role, but it was an interesting juxtaposition.  We talked about it and he thougt it was funny to be part of the the Seinfeld universe like that.  I agreed.
I hope that maybe one good thing from REWind Con is that some celebrities might be more open to do conventions.  Clearly the fans want to see these favorites.  I'd like to see Calabro again and hopefully get a real interview with him.
Thomas Calabro and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.

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