Sunday, December 17, 2017

Daniel Hogan at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Daniel J. Hogan is a Michigan-based cartoonist and writer.  I met Daniel at the Motor City Comic Con in 2016, where I saw a lot of his awesome creations.
In 2007, he published his first novel, The Magic of Eyri.  It is described as madcap fantasy satire, featuring comedy, action and more.
He is also the creator of Foxes & Boxes, an all ages fantasy series.  Summarizing Daniel, Foxes & Boxes is about two adventurers, who are for hire.  They can do any job, just not well.  It's very entertaining and can be found on  It's updated regularly with news, comics and more, including shirts, prints and other cool stuff to purchase.
His artwork and characters are colorful and fun.  His writing is entertaining.  His overall line of products are enjoyed by all ages.
Aside from, you can also keep up with Daniel on Facebook and Daniel on twitterYou can also get exclusive content on Daniel's Patreon page.
Daniel Hogan and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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