Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Doug Savant at REWind Con 2016

Doug Savant has had a successful and interesting acting career.  One of his earliest roles was on tv's Knots Landing, where he played a young version of main character Mac (Kevin Dobson).  Later, on Melrose Place, he portrayed Matt, one of the first openly gay characters.
He also had a role for many years on Desperate Housewives.  He originally was a recurring character, but viewer response was so great that he became a regular in the second season.
Savant is not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that).  In fact, he is currently married to former Melrose Place co-star Laura Leighton.
I talked to him about all of this when I met him at REWind Con last year.  He loved his time portraying Matt on MP, as it was an interesting, ground-breaking and historically important character.  Unfortunately, his scenes were too often highly censored.  While it did take some of the shine off the role, the significance cannot be denied.  I applaud Savant for tackling that role in a less-accepting time.
Savant was very cool at the convention.  He doesn't do many of them and he seemed genuinely happy to be there.
I've previously written about the demise of REWind Con.  I still think there is a void there that some convention organizer can fill.  The celebrity guest roster was unique, featuring a lot of television soap opera actors..  It drew a good crowd and everyone had a great time.There's no reason why these type of celebrities couldn't be incorporated into other cons.
Doug Savant and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.

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