Monday, January 1, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Dirk Manning and K Lynn Smith

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

I love the picture below.  My writer-creator friend Dirk Manning has fun with author K Lynn Smith, while still maintaining his usual partially hidden face pose.
They are two incredibly talented people.  More importantly, they are two very nice, friendly and fun people.
I have known Dirk for several years, having met and interviewed him at a comic con, of course.  He is probably best known as the writer and creator of Tales of Mr. Rhee, a comic series, but he has done other work, too, including Right or Wrong: A Writer's Guide to Creating Comics.  He has also done short films and written stories for other comics.  When he has spare time, he is known to watch and comment of pro wrestling.  I've even gotten him to make predictions and he is pretty accurate, but always entertaining.
I just met K Lynn last year.  She is an artist, cartoonist, designer and more.  She has worked on several projects, including Plume, a western webcomic.
It's always interesting seeing two creators interacting.  I forget that they are people, too.  Life on the road can be lonely and they are all competing for the same consumer dollars at the conventions.  Still, they are mostly very friendly with each other.  It's like a brotherhood.
You can check out Dirk at and follow Dirk on Facebook.  Likewise, you can check out K Lynn at and follow K Lynn on twitter.
Dirk Manning and K Lynn Smith in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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