Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Or Else Podcast-Episode 4: What Is A Johngy?

When Tommy Else first asked me about joining him for his "Or Else" podcast, we figured it would be for a few episodes, while we discussed and relived Tommy's experience at Resistance Pro.  Now four installments into this project, we realize it will be several episodes, because there are a lot of stories, we are enjoying it and people are interested in it.
I was surprised when Tommy said he wanted to discuss me for part of the 4th episode.  This is Tommy's story (intertwined with the history of RPro).  Tommy reasoned that I have been involved with RPro from the beginning and the fans might want to know who I am, why I am there and what else do I do?  Although I am more accustomed to asking the questions and highlighting others, it made sense.
"Episode 4: What's A Johngy" starts with me answering the title question.  We do get back to Tommy, of course.  He continues telling his RPo story, including his experience on the "Oceania" release party cruise hosted by Billy Corgan.
As always, we hope you enjoy this episode and continue listening.  We have answered a few questions withing the stories, but we promise to answer all of the questions at some point on the podcasts.  Feel free to send any questions to Tommy or me.
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Tommy Else and me in Summit, IL-January 2016.

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