Friday, February 23, 2018

Batgirl at C2E2 2016

Superman had Lois Lane.  Batman sort of had Catwoman.  Why can't Aquaman have Batgirl?  No, don't ask why Robin couldn't have Batgirl.  That's just silly.
I always liked Batgirl better than Catwoman anyway.  Of course, I also like the old-school Batgirl garb, before she (and every other superhero it seems went black).  Was it the purple leather?  Was it the red hair?  Was it Yvonne Craig (who portrayed her on tv's Batman)?
Whatever the reason, I like Batgirl.  I always try to get pictures with anyone dressed as any version of Aquaman at conventions.  I also do the same if I see the old school Batgirl.
I'm tired of the abundance of Catwoman characters at cons.  Let's see some imagination.  Let's see more Batgirl!
The lovely lady in the pic below did a fine job as Batgirl and I sealed the moment photographically.  Aquaman and Batgirl make a nice looking couple.
C2E2 2018 runs April 6 through April 8.  You can get all of the info including the celebrity guest list, ticket prices, scheduling and more at
Batgirl and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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